Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Immortal Rose: Amy Miles Books

Upcoming release for Immortal Rose is nearing. 

As a teen fantasy author, it is my joy to let my mind run wild with ideas.  Immortal Rose is one of those. 

I started out with the desire to write a book about Immortals.  I know what you're thinking.  "That theme's been done before."  True, very true.  But that didn't stop my fascination with the idea of living forever. 

What would it feel like to know there wouldn't be an end?  Would your days run together with dreary repetition?  Would you even want to get up in the morning, knowing that this day would be the same as all the rest?

Well for my lovely main character, Roseline Enescue, this is something that weighs heavily on her mind.  Not because life is boring.  Quite the opposite.  Her life is filled with pain, misery and fear.  Will there ever be an end to her torture?

With her humanity stripped away, forced to marry a monster and kept prisoner in her own home, Roseline lives in the shadow of the most feared man in Romania's history...Dracula.  Although she doesn't live up to the vampire myth that'd been created to describe her husband, Roseline flees the stigma and her husband.  

Sounds a good teen fantasy huh?  Yep....it gets better. 

Keep posted for new info on the release date of my new teen fantasy book, Immortal Rose. 

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