Friday, October 14, 2011

What I'm reading

Despite the fact that I'm SUPPOSED to be editing my book (sigh) I've managed to read three books in the last week. be honest it was 2 1/2.  I had to re-read the ending of The Deathly Hallows to remember how Harry still managed to be the "Boy who lived."  Then I got into a series called Fallen.

Fallen was interesting to me.  Fallen angels?  Forbidden love?  Sounds good to me!  I raced through the first book and went right onto the second.  Enjoyed the first...not so much the second.  It felt more like it was too busy building the story than actually moving the story.  I've got the third book on hold so I'm hoping it can be redeemed.  Other than the lull I really enjoyed how the books were written.  Very well done. 

What's on my nightstand (the bit of exposed floor next to my bed)? An Amanda Hocking book.  Really looking forward to it but I've decided that sleep in kind of an important thing to me tonight so I'll hold off for now.  It's tempting though!

So what are you reading?  Anything good I should check out?

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